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hi fellows
Hi fellows!  I just can´t no longer deedless spectate, how all social systems around me get more merciless and insane every day.   I can´t feel comfortable anymore, when my moderate wealthiness is a perilous threat to other fellow beings   and to nature itself.  That´s why I direct myself to you with this idea:  I wrote an explanation, which - with your kind help - we send around the world.  It´s a simple text, describing shortly the basics, that enable us to live a satisfied   and sensible life for us all.  If these words describe also your necessities, you may paint the symbol of the sun  on your T-shirt, fingers, car ... and make yourself recognizable with it.  In that manner we build a boundless community, that stands for certain values.  No need to fear each other anymore! We will recognize us, in whatever situation we meet.  By that alone our conflicts may not be solved, but we have a common and life-affirming basis, upon we can   manage these conflicts in a peaceful way. In this manner we personally advocate for something!  What results from that statement lies straight in your hand. The faster the text is spreaded, the more spirited  and worldshaking this campaign will be.  Stay critical and observant.  I am pleased to meet you out there!  Beate Heller  Important: Please paint the sun symbol only on your own posessions. It´s power lies in your personal decision for it.